Management Team

Richard G. Craig

Richard G. Craig, Chief Executive Officer

Richard Craig is an Air Force veteran, patent author, and successful business owner. Early in his military career, he participated in the capture and recovery of short range tactical nuclear weapons through Special Airlift Missions in former Soviet territories, and other Eastern Bloc countries. He was awarded the Air Force Good Conduct Medal, Marksmanship, Advanced Marksmanship, Overseas Extended Tour, Small Unit Tactics, and many other awards. His career culminated in his selection by his commander to augment the United States Secret Service as an anti-sniper for Vice President Dan Quayle and President Clinton. He retired from the Air Force in 1998 and founded The Paradigm Corporation, a tri-state company providing real estate based resources to Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. He served as Chairman of the Board and CTO for Xvariant, a publicly traded real estate technologies company, and President and CEO of Giant Pace, providing 3-D renderings to Saturn Motor Company. His next entrepreneurial venture was as Founder of Millenium Signs, a satellite-fed freeway electronic billboard conglomerate. He won the 2004 Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal award and in 2006, fulfilled a lifelong dream by becoming Utah’s first professional NASCAR driver and team owner, which culminated in collaborating with Mr. Donald Trump on bringing a racing team to Manhattan.

Agnes Ostafin

Dr. Agnes Ostafin, PhD, Director of Research and Development

Dr. Agnes Ostafin is a published scientist, national and international speaker, author/editor of over 60 scientific manuscripts and book chapters with a PhD in chemical physics from the University of Minnesota; a Certificate in Engineering Management from Drexel University; and chemistry, biological sciences, and biophysics degree degrees from Wayne State University. She brings 15 years of experience in managing short and long-term projects in multiple technology areas including nanoparticles, nanostructured materials, nanofabrication, emulsions, microparticles, encapsulations, coatings, thin films, composites, hydrocarbon liquids/glasses, polymers, carbon nanotubes, ceramics, biological and biomedical materials. She is the leader of an Amendment II/University of Utah NanoInstitute R&D partnership aimed at taking nano-reinforced Rynohide to its ultimate level and developing the scientific understanding about how it performs to enable us to continue to develop new an innovative products in the future. In addition she brings expertise and guidance in the areas of: pilot scale process development and production; evaluation of product/process quality and stability; new technology evaluation and adaptation to project goals, laboratory set up, equipment and process validation, process management and operations; and a wide range of analytical and chemical synthesis methods including spectroscopy, microscopy, imaging, electrical, photochemical, and biological process design.

Richard Brand

Richard Brand, Chief Product Development Officer

Richard holds a business degree from the University of Utah. Previous to joining Amendment II, he was an operations manager with Portfolio Investments, LLC. During his time with Portfolio Investments, LLC Richard was involved in the development of both commercial, educational and residential properties totaling over $100,000,000. Richard has also been involved in the development of Stone Security, an internationally recognized security surveillance and access control company.