The Company

Amendment II was founded in 2010 with the goal of improving armor and other security products to better protect our military, law enforcement, and private security personnel. To accomplish this goal, we developed RynoHide™, the world’s lightest, most flexible armor. RynoHide™ is ideal for body armor, vehicle armor, aircraft armor, watercraft armor, safe rooms, window coverings, and any other application where light, flexible bulletproof armor is desirable.

Our flagship product, the CRU Guardian™, is a completely customizable combat uniform with RynoHide™ armor, Halo Ties™ tourniquets, and Genesis™ conceal carry and MOLLE/PALS system pockets. The CRU Guardian™ is comprised of numerous patent pending innovations that address and correct the limitations of the military uniforms currently employed by the United States Department of Defense. This uniform provides the ultimate in protection and concealability, while allowing the operator full range of motion and capabilities.

Since the launch of the CRU Guardian™, Amendment II has expanded our product offerings to include the Centurion bulletproof vest for men and women as well as other ballistic products and tactical gear. Additionally, we are always developing new and one-off products to meet client requests. If you have a need for light flexible armor, contact us today!

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