RynoHide with Carbon Nanotubes

Since their discovery in the early 1990’s scientists have been fascinated by Carbon Nanotubes. They are as light as air, stronger than diamonds and can be as flexible as rubber. This makes them perfect for enhancing the performance of body armor such as: vests, helmets, gloves and pants. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are five times less dense than steel and approximately 30 times stronger this makes them the ultimate mechanical filler for reinforcing polymers like aramid fibers such as Kevlar without adding extra weight.

Once you’ve learned why CNTs are so important for your body armor, take a look at Amendment II’s Carbon Nanotube products.

The problem with using these tiny miracles of unimaginable strength has been the enormous cost to produce them, the fact they can only be made in relatively small quantities at a time, and are complicated, expensive, time-demanding processing techniques needed to properly integrate them into ballistic materials. The result is that NO other body armor companies offer CNT re-inforced armor. Instead they produce armor that weighs more, is much thicker, isn’t as strong, or as light and flexible. Until now.

Amendment II scientists and engineers are extremely excited to be the first to discover, perfect and use a process of mass manufacturing of affordable CNT based armor. Until now, all existing methods of fabricating CNT-polymer composites involve quite complicated, expensive, time-demanding processing techniques such as solution casting, melting, molding, extrusion, and in situ polymerization. In all of these techniques, nanotubes must either be incorporated into a polymer solution, molten polymer or mixed with the initial monomer before the formation of the final product (e.g. yarn, ribbon or film). In addition, these methods cannot be applied in the case of insoluble or temperature sensitive polymers, which decompose without melting.

Amendment II’s new armor, Rynohide, is the world’s first commercially available cost effective Carbon Nanotube armor and is much: lighter, stronger, more flexible, thinner and has less much less back-face deformation (how far the bullet pushes into you), which means it hurts less when shot.

What does all this mean to you? If you are ever going to buy body armor make sure it has been made using Carbon Nanotubes. Your life could depend on it.