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What is RynoHide made of? Is it just Kevlar?

Well, we can't give away all our secrets. But RynoHide is made from a proprietary blend of ballistic resistant materials with some "secret sauce" added to the mix. The "secret sauce" is our patented nanotechnology formula. RynoHide is the first and only armor to utilize carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to reduce weight, increase flexibility, and improve strength of the armor. Amendment II isn't just an armor company. We're a technology company specializing in armor. Our scientists and engineers go to great lengths to produce the most high tech armor available. What this means for you is that you can now be protected like never before possible.

Are your products manufactured in the USA out of American resources?

Yes they are.  We are a veteran owned company that believes firmly in making our products in the USA.  All of our products and our technology is managed and produced in our production facility in Salt Lake City.

What is the toughest bullet that the ryno hide can stop?

RynoHide is similar to other soft armors in that it is rated to stop the highest velocity standard handgun rounds.  Level IIIa is the industry standard  for the highest level of soft armor protection and includes specifically the .44 Magnum and .357 SIG.  Anything higher technically requires a trauma plate which is much stiffer and can add a lot of weight depending on the material being used.

How many times stronger than steel is the ryno hide?Also what level body armour is the ryno hide?Thanks

A carbon nanotube is a nano-size cylinder of carbon atoms. Imagine a sheet of carbon atoms, which would look like a sheet of hexagons. If you roll that sheet into a tube, you'd have a carbon nanotube. Carbon nanotube properties depend on how you roll the sheet. In other words, even though all carbon nanotubes are made of carbon, they can be very different from one another based on how you align the individual atoms.

With the right arrangement of atoms, you can create a carbon nanotube that's hundreds of times stronger than steel, but six times lighter. Engineers plan to make building material out of carbon nanotubes, particularly for things like cars and airplanes.


Are your products NIJ certified?

Our Centurion CNT Level II vests are certified to NIJ standards.  Our other products are not individually NIJ certified.  The NIJ certification is only for torso protection, so for example, there is no such thing as NIJ certified pants.  However, our other products do contain the same RynoHide™ material that is used in our certified ballistic vests.

What do the different protection levels mean? NIJ IIA, II, IIIA, etc?

The National Institute of Justice has created a de facto standard by which all armor can be evaluated and rated as to its protective characteristics. There are 5 overall classifications, increasing in ballistic protection: IIA, II, IIIA, III, and IV. Basically, types IIA, II, and IIIA are for protection against handgun rounds, while type III and IV armors are for use against assault rifles (such as the AR-15 or AK-47), firing .308, 5.56, or 7.62, or similar rounds. At the present, a plate carrier with heavy ceramic or steel plates is required to stop these rounds. At Amendment II we are working on a version of RynoHide with the capability of stopping these faster, more powerful rounds, that we hope to have to market by the first quarter of 2013 or sooner. In the meantime, RynoHide comes in the following protection levels:

Level IIA

Type IIA armor can stop 9 mm Full Metal Jacketed Round Nose (FMJ RN) bullets with a specified mass of 8.0 g (124 gr) and a velocity of approximately 373 m/s and .40 S&W Full Metal Jacketed (FMJ) bullets with a specified mass of 11.7 g (180 gr) and a velocity of approximately 352 m/s.

Level II

Type II armor can stop 9 mm FMJ RN bullets with a specified mass of 8.0 g (124 gr) and a velocity of approximately 398 m/s and .357 Magnum Jacketed Soft Point (JSP) bullets with a specified mass of 10.2 g (158 gr) and a velocity of approximately 436 m/s.

Level IIIA

Type IIIA armor can stop .357 SIG FMJ Flat Nose (FN) bullets with a specified mass of 8.1 g (125 gr) and a velocity of approximately 448 m/s and .44 Magnum Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) bullets with a specified mass of 15.6 g (240 gr) and a velocity of approximately 436 m/s.

Can I wash Amendment II's products?

The best method of cleaning our armor products is with a damp sponge. While our armor is encapsulated and water resistant, repeated washing over time could have a detrimental effect on ballistic resistance. Some of our armor products contain removable armor. If your armor is removable, simply remove the armor from its pocket and wash the outer garment in cold water.

On the Kanga tactical pants, what is a MOLLE/PALS system?

MOLLE, pronounced MOLLY as in the female name, is an acronym for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It is used to define the current generation of load-bearing equipment and rucksacks utilized by the United States armed forces, especially the United States Army, and its use is also growing in the British Army in the form of the Osprey Modular systems. The system's modularity is derived from the use of PALS webbing, rows of heavy-duty nylon stitched onto the vest as to allow for attachment of various MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories. This method of attachment has become a de facto standard for modular tactical gear, replacing the click and stick system used in the earliest modular vest systems (which is still in use with most Western police departments).
syncpack MOLLE panel -- digital camo
An example of a MOLLE system

Why does the Centurion vest come with both zipper and velcro options? I've never seen a zipper vest closure.

The zipper option for the Centurion vest provides the lowest signature possible, with no straps or velcro to show under your clothing. For undercover operators or those needing total concealment of their armor, the zipper is the best option. The zippered Centurion vest is custom fit so it is snug and not bulky beneath your clothing. The velcro vest is the typical style most people are familiar with. So if concealment is important to you, choose the zipper closure.

What if I'm not happy with my product? Do you have a return policy?

As a matter of fact, we offer an Unconditional Money Back Guarantee on our products. If you don't like it, return it within 90 days for a full refund, no questions asked. We are also the only armor company we know of that offers you the chance to shoot your armor. Every product purchased comes with a RynoHide target for you to take to the range and shoot with your own firearm. For accurate results, we recommend putting something with some mass behind it, like some ballistic clay or a pork shoulder -- something to replicate a human body behind the armor. Use the pork shoulder - it's a great excuse to have a barbecue later! And if you don't like the way the RynoHide performs, send your product back for a full refund, no questions asked.

What if my product doesn't fit? Can I exchange it?

Absolutely. If your product doesn't fit when you receive it, we can replace it with either a different standard size, or one of our tailors can get measurements so we can custom fit the product to you specifically.

Is there any limit to what RynoHide can protect?


Is RynoHide the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Yup. Pretty much. Better actually.

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