With the recent public release of our carbon nanotube armor, we are just beginning to establish a nationwide dealer network. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, send an email request through our contact form. Here are the dealers currently setup along with contact information. Each should be able to show you our RynoHide body armor and process any purchases you would like to make.
Ph. 828-242-6765
Defensor TacticalDefensor Tactical
206 Meramec Valley Plaza Dr.
Valley Park, Mo. 63088
Ph. 636-825-3773
Faithful PrepperThe Faithful Prepper
307 North Main Street, Suite A
Noble, Oklahoma 73068
Ph. 405-872-0600
Guns 4 USA
Las Vegas, NV
Home Security Store logoHome Security Store
Ph. 888-501-7870

More coming online soon…